Low-code workflow automation tools
for .net developers
OptimaJet gives your team the tools to deliver the desired outcomes
Low-code Workflow Engine is a simple, .NET-based automation library for business process management. According to Microsoft, it’s the best business process engine for .NET you can automate any enterprise processes with. There are no limits for the number of processes; it can also be used to build a CRM or ERP system.
– Document approval process / Human approval
– Data processing
– Long-running process
DWKit is a low-code .NET BPM system that is extremely simple and flexible. It allows you to create applications with almost no code.

­- Web & Mobile application development in web browser
­- Whole project in one solution
­- Feature-driven development

Workflow Server is a low-code Workflow Engine-based application. It is lightweight and ready-to-use.
Workflow Server enables managing other servers and can easily become the heart of your enterprise architecture of any complexity.

— Application Form Processing
— File Processing
— Email Processing
— Approval process via email

FormBuilder is an application that allows you to build forms fast for any needs. Сreate million of forms of any complexity, easily integrated, super-customizable.
Our solutions allow you to create complex and functional projects.
How CTOs use our products?
Workflow Engine/Server helps streamline IT operations and easily create workflow-based applications to support company’s business processes.

It enables customization of IT infrastructure according to the needs of different departments, which helps them spend less time troubleshooting minor problems and instead focus on core issues of a bigger scale.
How CIO uses our products?
Workflow Engine/Server enables CIOs to increase productivity and optimize critical business processes. It helps to make intelligent, data-driven decisions, build up innovation and therefore effectively manage resources while reducing costs.

With Workflow Engine/Server, you can see your clients’ levels of use, evolving needs, and find out the right products to nurture your relationships and contracts with customers, set new goals and review past projects.
How CEOs use our products?
With our Workflow Engine/Server you get:

1. Faster responses to any requests: automated workflows allow you to achieve and do more with the same resources, which means work gets done quicker and better.

2. More time for company objectives: automated workflows save time for coding, so anyone in the business can free up time to focus on more complicated and cognitive tasks, which is the way to push your business forward.

3. No more human errors. Mistakes happen and we all know that. But with automation of workflows, you can minimize the risks that come with the limitations of human memory or attention span.

4. With Workflow Engine/Server, you can be 100% sure that correspondence is sent to the right people at the right time.
How developers use our products?
Our products empower developers to achieve higher levels of efficiency by easily integrating with tools such as GitHub, Kubernetes, Docker, and more to serve as a fast and intelligent approval layer around any IT infrastructure.
This will increase the value and functionality of your software offerings.
We create the best solutions for automating business processes written in C#
Global energy companies can digitize and streamline various operations to improve client satisfaction and make cost savings.
Digitally transform and optimize operations, services in the public sector to deliver more successful outcomes.
Digitizing and optimizing business processes can improve the quality of service, speed of delivery, and customer satisfaction in the waste industry.
Improve office tasks and get the most out of a shoestring budget by automating educational processes.
Automate end-to-end healthcare processes to improve patient care, treatment, medical device manufacturing and establishing diagnosis.
Effectively managing and automating monotonous processes can help employees to concentrate on job performance rather than spending their time on boring administrative tasks.
Enables financial service providers of all kinds to efficiently handle policies, accounts, bills, investments.
Banks and credit unions can easily automate key business processes to ensure compliance and improve customer experience.
Waste Industry
Financial Services