is an Australian IT company with over 50 employees.
One of their clients ordered a complex BPM system with AI components.

Blackbook had looked for a BPM toolkit for a while before finally settling on DWKit.

DWKit has everything one might need to get started right out of the box:

● The tool for creating web forms compatible with React
● Visual editor for building workflows
● Data model editing and database synchronization (to connect to the client’s database)
● Associating forms with workflows
● User roles and permission management
One of their recent banking clients asked to create a loan scoring platform.
With DWKit, they were able to create a working interface from scratch within three months, as DWKit has such important components as:

● Form Builder which generates code for React.js forms
● Workflow Engine with a visual editor where you can customize the process, define rules, add users, etc.
DWKit did not require writing code to integrate this part of BPM with the rest of the system,
most of the components were created in visual editors that are simple, easy to use and don't even require a developer’s assistance to deal with. There is no need to develop complex system components from scratch. All that was left to do for is:

1. Re-code the workflow.
2. Re-implement some security authentication protocols.
3. Remake molds according to customers' needs.

All of this significantly reduced the BPM development time, so was able to get the project into production much faster than they expected.

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