FormBuilder is an application that allows you to build forms fast for any needs. Сreate millions of forms of any complexity, easily integrated, super-customizable.
FormBuilder offers many built-in components for building complex forms.
FormBuilder was created with the idea that creating web forms should be simple and easy.

FormBuilder allows you to create both simple forms, such as a login form, as well as more complex ones containing related components — tables, graphs, trees.
⦁ Drag and Drop Builder
⦁ Event – based
⦁ JSON file format
⦁ Inline parameters
⦁ Templates

Main features
All you need is a browser
How FormBuilder helps a small IT company in infrastructure and finance.
Werdia is a small IT company with 10 employees. They create various systems for their clients in the finance and billing sectors.
FormBuilder helps Werdia generate forms quickly and makes the whole process much easier. It is a streamlined solution that allows implementing pieces of your code in the existing project and creating forms in a browser. Werdia uses FormBuilder to digitally transform and optimize operations, services in the finance sector to deliver successful results with a tight budget.