Werdia is a small Finnish IT software company with about 10 employees.
The company creates software for infrastructure and finance clients.
Werdia integrated the Form Builder with the project portal they developed for their clients. In this system, it is possible to create form templates and use them to fill out forms for projects.

Data is collected into forms and then sent to Azure Cosmos DB. On the server side, this data is processed using Power BI.

FormBuilder is used to quickly create forms, which is very important in this solution. For Werdia, this simplifies the entire process from scratch.
Also, many corporate processes require customization and processing that are difficult to implement in some non-open source solutions.
FormBuilder, on the other hand, is a more optimized solution that allows you to implement parts of your code on top of existing projects, the code is generated directly in the browser.

The customer requested a feature, which would allow them to calculate functions directly in the form fields. Because the FormBuilder generates standard components, it's a normal HTML table and you can put the formula or average in different columns.
With FormBuilder, creating forms from scratch saved a lot of time on creating a custom interface.
As a result, Werdia received React-compatible forms that do not contain errors in the user interface and do not require extensive testing.

The only thing that needed to be tested was how to bind the frontend components with the data model. The alternative to FormBuilder was to create their own forms and possibly use more powerful applications.
After testing all the pros and cons, it became easy to choose a reliable, turnkey solution, which turned out to be FormBuilder.
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